Future Development

On the basis of the accomplishments of the pass years, we aim at further developing the department in terms of pedagogical quality and research strength. Our goals for the further years can be described in the following five dimensions:

In addition to the case-study-based and project-oriented courses, the department is planning to offer international study programs and courses that give students opportunities to gain practical experience through attachment with various organizations and enterprises. The department will focus on courses in the areas of systems development, network communications, multimedia technology, and decision support systems.

In order to meet the needs of the digital age, the department emphasizes research in Information and Society, RFID and Supply Chain Management, and Multimedia Security and Application. Faculty members are encouraged to engage in academic research and projects funded by public organizations or private enterprises.

Besides the partnerships with business enterprises, the department will continue to seek cooperation opportunities with other research institutions such as the Institute for Information Industry (III), the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Taichung Hospital, Printing Plant (Ministry of Finance), and other trade associations in the information industry.

The department will continue its expansion plans in human resources and floor space. The following are the projections in numerical terms:

The department is planning further investment in computing facilities to support teaching and research. The expenditures in computer hardware and software are estimated to be over NT$ 4million per year.

  1. Educational Programs

  2. Academic Development and Research

  3. Partnership

  4. Human Resources and Floor Space

    • Academic and administrative staff: in total 26 faculty members, 3 full-time administrative assistants, and 3 full-time project assistants;
    • Student population: 700 day-time, 250 evening undergraduate, and 110 graduate students;
    • Floor space: 26 faculty offices, 1 department office, 3 computer rooms, 4 project laboratories, 8 graduate laboratories, 2 conference rooms, and 1 development center..
  5. Computing Resources

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