Doctoral program

1st year:


Speeches in Information Technology (0), Seminar I (3), Seminar II (3)


Communication Theory (3), Queuing Theory (3), Wireless Networks (3), Fuzzy Logic Theory and Applications (3), Multimedia Systems (3), Computer Graphics (3), Coding Theory (3), Agent Systems (3), Multimedia Signal Processing (3), Data Mining (3), Virtual Reality (3), Artificial Neural Networks (3)


2nd year:


Seminar III (3), Seminar IV (3)


Mobile Electronic Business Systems (3), Network Security (3), Multimedia Communication (3), Next-Generation Mobile Communication Systems (3), Distributed Systems (3), Distributed Databases (3), Broadband Networks (3), Human-Machine Interfaces (3), Parallel Computing (3), Network Computation (3), Cluster Computation (3)


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Course Requirement
PhD Qualification Examination (Review)--Notice of the results of the oral report of the thesis plan
PhD Qualification Examination (Review)--Thesis Project Oral Report Review Opinion Form
PhD – dissertation plan review opinion list
Graduation oral examination _ study points review list
PhD Qualification Examination (Review)—Application Form
Graduation oral examination _ member transcript
PhD Qualification Examination (Preliminary Examination)--Writing Application Form
Advisor consent form
Qualifying examination first trial credit application form
Dissertation completed form
Application Form for Degree Examination of Graduate Students
Application for Test Scores of Master/Doctoral Degree Examination
Guideline and Rules for Graduate Institutes
PhD Program criterion


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